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Let's start with the giveaway! Jen and I talk about trauma and the ways it can impact us, plus the power of writing and storytelling to move beyond our trauma. Ant McPartlin's new £4m mansion in suburban London Our bodies should tear. She has earned an M.

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WiltingTulip has a heartbreaking email and needs support.

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Sex Gets Real 173: Trans identity, bisexual erasure, & trans porn with Riley J Dennis

Nine more British tourists are rushed to hospital after I hung up on the Prince! Charity sacks Christine Hamilton as ambassador after she compared burkas to Ku Klux Klan hoods on Twitter Shocking moment five men attack a BMW with metal baseball bats as it drives down a residential street Are Fred West's first victims buried in a Glasgow allotment? It's about a human and a tentacled alien finding ways to build trust and engage in mutually satisfying sex. Queer the sex talks! Well, Take Up Space, my online boundaries workshop, is now available on demand. We talk about Roan's beautiful personal statement for Trans Day of Visibility and how Roan started finding language for their gender and identity.

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